Here is the second extract of my new project EP. I hope that “Ghost on the tape” will haunt you!   EP is approaching !   Sebastien – soundcloud – twitter – facebook –  
  I am glad to share the first extract of my new project EP. “Call” is the opening track of the eponym EP that will be released this summer. I hope you will enjoy the track, it’s in free download here: 🙂   Stay tuned!
I begin this month a new ambiant project at the crossroads of many musical genres: « Oblik Lines ». On this occasion, I wrote a first EP which is a kind of introspection, a first attempt to create bridges between my obsessions for various sounds and musical styles. Maybe it is utopian but if one day we could reunite idm lovers, modern classical fans and electroacoustic elitist in the same concert that would be a huge victory. The first extract of this work will be released really soon and the EP will follow this summer (2017). Stay tuned! Sebastien Oblik lines on social media: – soundcloud – twitter – facebook –  
  This Cinematic EP was composed in summer 2015 by following the mood of the initial track “VDT” which illustrates an Audi commercial. It’s available on Bandcamp. Hybrid Landscapes by Sebastien Gulluni 
Proud to have my sound bank “Atmospheric Electronica” for Massive synth released on Loopmasters ! 🙂 Listen to the demo here !
Just released a remix of the band Alphabetical in the UK label Glamour Punk. Listen, enjoy and if you like what you hear don’t hesitate to leave a comment and/or to “like” the sound 😉 Thanks.    
Audio demo for the great “Origins Sylenth1 Soundset” from Ameyah Audio. Every sounds are from the soundset except the drums. Around 30 Sylenth tracks and Ableton didn’t crash !!

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