Sebastien Gulluni is a French musician based in Paris. He works in different fields related to sound creation: composing music for media / music libraries and sound design for sample libraries.

He has been working as a composer for music library editors like GUM, Score Factory or Encore Merci. Oblik Lines, his solo project, crosses many genres and recalls the aesthetics of ambient music. He was recently interviewed by Stereo Stickman about this project: (go to the interview)

As a sound designer, he worked for companies like Samplephonics/NoiizLoopmasters, 8Dio and Inookta for creating new sounds for musicians, synthesizer patch design and music demo composing.

He is also a music technology professor specialised in sound synthesis and creative sound processing. He has been teaching Native Instruments Komplete synthesizers programming since 2014 to professional musicians and artists in the CIFAP vocational center. He also develops customized  training course for companies such as Ubisoft in order to help sound design teams to master deep synthesis softwares (Reaktor, Komplete synths etc.)

He followed a cross-curricular course of study in IRCAM where he studied audio signal processing, computer sciences related to music and acoustics. At the same time, he studied harmony and music writing in French conservatories. He worked in the GRM (Music Research Group) for 4 years as a research fellow and obtained his PhD in December 2011.

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