• Croix Rouge Française – Peace of Minds (Video Game) – Video Game Soundtrack composer and sound designer
  • Superpitch – Beauty science – Library music album
  • GUM CollectionScience and Technology – Library music album
  • KapagamaArtificial intelligence – Library music album
  • Inookta – Rêve Aquatique, Indian Landscape, Japanese garden etc. – Interactive music composition and sound design for the iOS App “Tao Mix
  • Hybrid Landscapes – Library music album melting orchestral and electronic music
  • Score Factory – sync of the track VDT to the TV magazine “Grands Reportages” for French TV TF1
  • Encore Merci – In The Mix We Trust – Library music album melting orchestral and electronic music
  • Untouchable (short film by Yaru Gao) – Short film soundtrack
  • Reversed Moon – Video Game Soundtrack composer


  • Expressive E Noizy – Patch sound design for the factory sound bank
  • Noiiz  Unexpected Ambient – Ambient samplepack
  • Misty Valley  Audio Development in NI Reaktor and design of the instrument / presets
  • 8Dio  Century Strings, Century Brass, Strings Anthology – Sound designer, Multichannel audio editing and Kontakt software integration
  • LoopmastersAtmospheric electronica – Synth patches programming for NI Massive
  • Prime LoopsDream Wave Dream wave music samplepack (construction kits)


  • INA-GRM  – Research fellow (2007-2011) (Groupe de Recherches Musicales)
  • CIFAP – Synthesis course with NI Komplete, Reaktor, VCV Racks, Max for Live
  • UBISOFT – Training the sound design team to sound synthesis and patching with NI Reaktor
  • Elephorm – Online course author about creating a full substractive synth with NI Reaktor