Sound synthesis and music production with state of the art DAWs and softwares. Here is an interview (in French) to learn more about my philosophy of sound synthesis and the applications to modern music production. I am teaching the tools that I am using the most for my own practice and also the theoritical concepts related to sound synthesis. Here is an overview of the course contant:


How to build your own sounds from scratch ?

Komplete contains many synths and thousands of presets but it is also a difficult beast to master when it comes to create personal sounds. My approach on teaching Komplete consists of a deep exploration of sound synthesis concepts and how to apply them when it comes to sound creation. The exercices are based on sounds recreation by hear and complex sounds analysis. The main synths covered are:

  • – Massive
  • – Monark
  • – FM8
  • – Absynth
  • – Razor
  • – Prism
  • – Polyplex
  • – Kontakt (advanced uses)



reaktor 6

The synth or effect you are searching for doesn’t exist yet? Build it with Reaktor!

Reaktor is an important part of Komplete. It is a full modular environnement for synthesis and sound processing. Monark, Razor, Prism and other complex synths are build exclusively with  Reaktor. It is the tool of choice when it comes to build your own synths due to it’s accessibility and the sound quality of its components. Here is a brief outline of the course:

  • – Modular philosophy and Blocks
  • – Building your own synths, overview of the different synthesis types
  • – Building your own effects
  • – Designing your own tools





In my courses, Ableton Live is used as a link between all the instruments that enables them to interact. I also cover advanced topics like:

  • – Using Live’s racks for sound design
  • – Max for Live


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